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SNSA's youth recreational league relies on parent volunteers to serve in team staff positions. Each SNSA team is required to have a Head Coach; also, for the Spring 2021 season, all teams need to have a COVID Safety Coordinator (CSC). Assistant Coach and Team Manager are optional positions, though either may assume the duties of the team's CSC. The following is a brief summary of the SNSA team staff positions:

  • HEAD COACH - The Head Coach is the controlling authority of the team, and is responsible for training and tactical game management. All SNSA teams are required to have a Head Coach.
  • ASSISTANT COACH - The Assistant Coach helps the Head Coach with training and game management as needed, and serves as acting Head Coach when the Head Coach is not available. SNSA teams are not required to have an Assistant Coach, but it is recommended.
  • TEAM MANAGER - The Team Manager is responsible for team adminsitration and communications.Team managers also help organize optional team functions, including trophies/award, team photos, team parties and post-game snacks! SNSA teams are not required to have a Team Manager, but it is recommended.

All team staff members are required to have current SafeSport Abuse & Prevention Training and CDC Concussion Training certifications and to pass a background screening. SNSA issues a Team Staff ID Card to certified team staff members, which authorizes the staff member for access to the team's technical area along the sideline.


RETURNING COACHES & TEAM MANAGERS WHO REGISTERED FOR THE SPRING 2021 SEASON - coach and team manager registration for the Spring 2021 season will not be carried over to the Fall 2021 season; please follow the instructions below to register for the Fall 2021 season.

1. REGISTRATION DEADLINE - The final date to register a coach or team manager is October 31, 2021.
2. TIMETABLE - Rosters are expected be distributed to head coaches on August 7; uniforms will be distributed to head coaches on August 28. League play is projected to begin on or after September 11, 2021 and concludes on or before November 13, 2021.
3. COACH TRAINING - SNSA offers coach training classes at no charge to our coach volunteers. The coach training schedule will be posted on the website and registered coaches will be notified via email.
4. PLAYER NOTIFICATION - Please notify your families as soon as you receive your roster to let them know they are on your team, and to advise them of your practice schedule. Families have been advised that they should hear from their coach no later than August 23, 2021.
5. PRACTICES - The practice days, times and location are at the discretion of the head coach. Recommended practice duration is 30-45 minutes for U5-U6; 45-60 minutes for U7-U8; 60-75 minutes for U9-U10 and 75-90 minutes for U11-U15. SNSA will provide a list of practice fields permitted for the upcoming season.
6. MULTIPLE TEAMS - Those who volunteer as a Head Coach for more than one team need to complete a registration for each team. SNSA will make accommodations to avoid scheduling conflicts for head coaches with multiple teams.

- Click the Fall 2021 Youth League Team Staff - Register Now button below. If you created a member account when you registered your child, log in to your account; if not, click the Create a new STACK Sports Account tab when asked to log into the system.
2. SELECT YOUR AGE/GENDER DIVISION - Select only one division; if you are serving as a head coach for multiple teams you will need to submit a separate coach registration for each team. If you are not associated with a child playing in the league, scroll to the bottom of the category list and select "Coach Pool", and in the "Child's Name" field of the registration form enter the age/gender divisions for which you would be willing to coach (e.g., U7-U10 Girls) so that we can assign you to a division in which we have a coach vacancy. Only submit more than one coach registration if you are associated with more than one child in different age/gender divisions.
3. COMPLETE THE TEAM STAFF REGISTRATION FORM - Enter your personal information and other information as required; the head coach or team manager also needs to complete the team profile information. Click the "Submit" button when finished. If you are coaching more than one team, click the 2021 Fall Youth League Team Staff - Register Now button to register to coach another team.
4. CERTIFICATION TRAINING FOR COACHES & TEAM MANAGERS - all registered SNSA coaches and team managers are required to have completed SafeSport Abuse Prevention training within the past two years, and CDC Concussion training within the past three years. Click on COACH CERTIFICATION COURSE INSTRUCTIONS for more information and to access these training courses.
5. PHOTO SUBMISSION FOR NEW COACHES/TEAM MANAGERS - coaches and team managers who are new to SNSA need to upload a photo when registering, or send a photo for their staff ID card via email to or via text to 702-785-1143.

Contact us at if you need assistance!

If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.


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